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Diversity Action

At Phi Pottery, I believe that we are cultivating a new studio practice that will benefit those who have been disenfranchised by the art world. I am dedicating five studio sessions for up to four participants a week as a BIPOC friendly space--free for BIPOC folks with no strings attached. Come, learn, make, that's the goal. You can schedule class by class, to fit your life. If you love the studio time and are able to commit to a full eight week evening session, I will also provide four full scholarships for BIPOC folks per class quarter. No application process, just let me know which class you'd like (preferably before they sell out) so I can reserve you a spot.

To sign up for BIPOC clay time, scroll down for the booking link! Thank you!

Hiring Black Potter

I am seeking to hire and train a Black pottery instructor. My goal is to offer the studio space to foster a community member's business and clay career--let's work together and see what amazing things we can bring to Tacoma! It was suggested to me that I consider offering Black only studio and class time to the community. My goal in training an instructor is to be able to provide this requested safe space. Clay is for everyone!

Next Class Session:
Sept 13th, 2021

Registration for Sept-October classes will be available on August 1st. Click text to see class schedules.

Class information, registration dates, and covid safety available here.

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