Clay Challenge Fundraiser



New items will be posted here until we hit our goal of raising $85k to film and produce our Clay Challenge!! Please support big and help us fund this dream project.


You can make a direct donation here.

BLM Fundraiser



**auction items from October 4th have all been shipped!** Next fundraiser scheduled for April 2022

Diversity Action

At Phi Pottery, I believe that we are cultivating a new studio practice that will benefit those who have been failed by the art world. I am dedicating five studio sessions for up to four participants a week as a BIPOC friendly space--free for BIPOC folks with no strings attached. Come, learn, make, that's the goal. You can schedule class by class, to fit your life.


If you love the studio time and are able to commit to a full eight-week evening session, I will also provide ~~unlimited~~ scholarships for BIPOC. No application process, simply register when classes are available and use the codes for a 50% or a 100% scholarship. Details on every class listing. I also provide a pre-registration period for BIPOC before general registration to make sure I am prioritizing my BIPOC creatives. My only request for y'all is the same for any student--that you fully commit to the class times to receive the greatest benefit from the session.

Drop-in times are available for 2022! You may register two weeks in advance, and up to 48 hours before the date. Please e-mail phi with any questions.

To sign up for BIPOC clay time, scroll down for the booking link! Thank you!

New Instructors!!

Next Class Session:
February 7th, 2022

Priority registration for February-March classes will be available on January 3rd for bipoc. All others are invited to register on January 10th. Click text to see class schedules.

Class information, registration dates, and covid safety available here.

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