pottery classes with phi


Classes will be available for registration on March 11th at Noon! There is no waitlist, and it will be first come first served. There are only four spots in each of the six classes, so they go very quickly. Thank you!!

Next Session Dates:

Mondays 4/5/21--5/24/21

Tuesdays 4/6/21--5/25/21

Wednesdays 4/7/21--5/26/21

Thursdays 4/8/21--5/27/21

Fridays 4/9/21--5/28/21

Saturdays (3PM-6PM) 4/10/21--5/29/21

Register now! Find class listings on the main page.

Class Info

Eight week classes, once a week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday from 6PM-9PM in Tacoma.

Due to high demand, I am experimentally adding a Saturday afternoon session from 3-6PM. This session will only happen if all four spaces are filled.

These classes are for adults of any skill level, with a curriculum that is adaptable to the projects you are working on. Come with or without a plan, and leave with pottery that you made yourself on the wheel, or built by hand! All materials and tools are provided, towel service, bad jokes, and occasional group orders of bubble tea or snacks can be expected.

$250 per person

Covid Safety

Welcome to 2021 clay friends. We will be limiting class to four folks at a time, and mandating a double mask policy. If you feel unwell during the course of the session, please do not hesitate to schedule makeup time for when you feel well again. Safety first!

In the studio, we will be running the air purifier and opening the garage doors as the weather allows for fresh air. We will continue to have the wheels spaced well apart from one another.

Since my parents both have received the covid vaccine, we are able to once again provide a bathroom on location--sorry about the extra planning that was necessary as we navigated the safety issues for my elderly parents. I will personally clean the bathroom between uses and I will be providing surface cleaner and fresh towels. We'll also keep a window open in there just to be safe!