pottery classes with phi


Classes will be available for priority registration for Black, indigenous, and people of color on January 3rd! There is no waitlist, and it will be first come first served. The open registration for everyone else will be a week later on January 10th. The spots go very quickly, and I want to make sure we are serving our intention of making the studio space available to bipoc. Thank you for your patience.

Next Session Dates:

Mondays 2/7/22--3/28/22 with Shellyss

evenings 6-9pm


Tuesdays 2/8/22--3/29/22 with Phi

evenings 6-9pm

Wednesdays 2/9/22--3/30/22 with Taylor

evenings 6-9pm

Thursdays 2/10/22--3/31/22 with Phi

evenings 6-9pm

Fridays 2/11/22--4/1/22 with Kat

evenings 6-9pm

Saturdays (11AM-2PM) 2/12/22--4/2/22 with Katharine

mornings 11-2pm


Class Info

These classes are for adults of any skill level, with a curriculum that is adaptable to the projects you are working on. Come with or without a plan, and leave with pottery that you made yourself on the wheel, or built by hand! All materials and tools are provided, towel service, bad jokes, and occasional group orders of bubble tea or snacks can be expected.

$250-375 per person, sliding scale

Please use these codes as necessary (honor system, only self-identified BIPOC may use the BIPOC codes):

TWENTYFIVE for $25 off ($350 class)

FIFTYFIVE for $55 off ($295 class)

SEVENTYFIVE for $75 off ($275 class)

ONETWENTYFIVE for $125 off ($250 class)

BIPOCFIFTY for $250 off ($125 class)

BIPOCSCHOLAR for $375 off (free class)

Covid Safety

We will remain masked in the studio for class. If you are wearing a cloth mask, please consider wearing a surgical or kn95 mask underneath your cloth mask. We urge folks to get vaccinated and boosted if they are able. Let's keep working toward keeping each other healthy and safe.

Please email phi@phipottery.com with your vaccination card right after you sign up! thanks!