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pottery classes with phi


FALL 2024:

Class session starts September 2nd and runs once a week for 8 weeks, ending on October 26th. All work will be available for pickup starting 11/3/24!


Please note that we will continue to require masking in the studio space for everyone's safety. 

Thank you for all your inquiries into this next class session. I hope you'll join us in the studio for a class. Pick your session day/time at the registration link and make sure to read the listing for your class dates:



Class Info

First and foremost, this is Phi's personal studio space. That makes this space HELLA GAY. What that means for folks who do not have a studio practice, is that while you are here, you will need to learn and uphold the studio rules in order to co-create a space that is safe (from clay dust and errant tools), community-oriented (establishing safe space), and respectful (following studio rules). In order to keep the energy to interact with the community at large, Phi and the other instructors are asking that students who do not vibe with the space to find a studio that will suit them better. We reserve the right to "call you in" if there is a problem, and to fire you as a student if you do not respect the boundaries of our queer clay community. There will be no refunds. This is not a hospitality space, and each person is expected to move with intention, accountability, and honor. There will be no tolerance for repeated harmful language, physical violence, or consent issues. Phi needs this to be a safe space for their own peace of mind, studio practice, and for the amelioration of all who enter the studio.

Sliding Scale

Our sliding scale is an honor-based system for students with different levels of fiscal access to participate in classes. Please use the coupon code that you need to in order to make clay a part of your life. We don't believe in super-limited scholarships because this space is meant for BIPOC artists. Instead of making a concession to oppressed communities with one or two tokenized slots, we are saying there is space is dedicated for you: ten nearly-full scholarships per eight-week class session, and also five deeply-discounted spots as well. This translates to over $4,500 gifted to the community in priority registration, every session. Yes, the money comes out of Phi's pockets directly, but what's the point of building a new community connection that only serves the norm? In order to make a change, Phi accepts that more energy must be given--and currently, that means direct monetary re-visioning. If you believe in our mission to make clay accessible and available to all, please send us a little something-something via venmo to @phipottery. Phi promises to put it to absolute good use!

Covid Safety

We will remain masked in the studio for class. If you are wearing a cloth mask, please consider wearing a surgical or kn95 mask underneath your cloth mask. We urge folks to get vaccinated and boosted if they are able. Let's keep working toward keeping each other healthy and safe.

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