Wheel Throwing Thursday PM Summer 2020


This class is FULL. Thank you so much!

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Thursdays 6:00PM-9:00PM

Start Date: 7/9/2020

End Date: 8/27/2020


In this 8 week series, we will cover steps to forming and finishing pottery on and off of the potter's wheel. Our class will be a creative atmosphere for you to learn, develop, and refine your skills with clay. Beginners and those with experience are both welcome. Come make some friends, practice an ancient art, and find your voice in clay.


Clay is charged separately at $20 a bag, which is enough for most students for the course. Firing and glaze included in material cost.


This class is taught by Phi.

  • FAQ

    What is provided at the studio? What do students need to bring?

    We will provide you with the tools you need to create your pottery work. Please bring your ideas, projects, and dreams to the studio! Phi would love to help you learn the skills to bring your projects to life.



    What style of firing is available?

    For class, we will mostly be firing in electric oxidation unless otherwise noted. We are working on an expiremental gas fired soda kiln, and we also will be doing monthly raku firings, starting mid-February 2020.



    What clays will we be using?

    We stock Bennett, a cone 6 stoneware from the Tacoma Clay Art Center. It is an off-white clay that Phi uses for their regular ware.



    Cancellations, missed classes, open studio time?

    There will be no unscheduled studio time available for students. Cancellations made ten days before class starts will be refunded. We suggest that you attend all class dates to get the most out of the course, but we understand if you need to miss a day. Phi will be happy to schedule one makeup session per class, usually around week 6 when we are finishing up wet work for the series.