Schedule a Raku Workshop in Tacoma!

Schedule a Raku Workshop in Tacoma!


This workshop is suitable for those who confidently make clay shapes and understand the difference between greenware and bisqueware.


In this firing process, we'll glaze our pots with special raku glazes. These glazes will help achieve varied surfaces from matte to shiny, dark to light, glassy to metallic and everything in between! In order to participate, please have pieces already formed and bisque fired before scheduling a workshop with me. Glazes will be provided on the day/night of the workshop. This is like fast food firing--we'll aim for 1850 degrees farenheit, pull the pieces out after we see that the glazes have properly melted, and drop them into metal cans for a crash-cool reduction. This process from start to finish will be about three hours and we will do one firing, fitting what we can into the kiln. Please bring several small to medium items and we'll plan out the placement before we start.


This is a volatile process and there are some safety precautions we will follow during the firing. The rules are not too difficult, though, and I think having a plan is the best path to success!


If you have questions before you schedule, please send me an email! Thank you