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Monday Morning Class 5/27/24--7/26/24

Monday Morning Class 5/27/24--7/26/24


Class runs once a week for eight weeks from 10AM-Noon. All finished pieces will be ready for pickup by 8/3/24! Note: there is no class week of 6/17-6/22.


We will continue to mask inside the studio space. You are free to wander the yard if you need mask-free breathing time.


Making a ceramic item is a multi-step, multi-skilled, multi-week process. You will be learning these skills: tool usage, set-up and clean-up, wedging, processing slip, centering, pulling walls, forming shapes, trimming, decoration, and glazing. If you have experience, we will be happy to guide you in creating the forms that you are looking for. You will be responsible for keeping common areas and your station clean. There will be no make-up classes for absences, please schedule accordingly.


All materials usage included in the class fee. however, for folks making more than ten items, each additional glaze-fired piece will incur a $3 charge at the end of class to help pay for labor cost, firing space, and additional glaze costs.


$350-550 per person, sliding scale class price! These are the average session rates in the area for pottery classes. Please budget accordingly to keep your potting sustainable!


No refunds, no partial refunds, no deferments, and no transfers. ALL SALES ARE FINAL at time of purchase. Since we are a small business, please be reminded that you are paying for a guaranteed seat in the session, not for individual classes. Thank you for respecting my labor in providing these classes to the community. This is a standard policy for almost all studios.


Please use these codes as necessary (honor system, self-identified BIPOC may use the codes that start with BIPOC):

TWENTYFIVE for $25 off 

FIFTYFIVE for $55 off 

SEVENTYFIVE for $75 off 

ONETWENTYFIVE for $125 off 

TWOHUNDRED for $200 off

BIPOCFIFTY for $275 off 

BIPOCSCHOLAR for $500 off 


Please select "pickup" upon checkout so that you are not charged a shipping fee. There is nothing to pick up, and we'll see you at your first scheduled class time!

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