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Members Soda Firing! 6/14-6/16

Members Soda Firing! 6/14-6/16


Join us for a members only (former students count!) soda firing workshop. You'll be able to bring two to three bisque fired pieces to glaze, wad, and load into our cone 6 upcycled soda kiln. Have you been interested in how it all works? This is your chance to participate, get yr feet wet, and see your artwork in a whole new light!


The workshop will be two consecutive days, plus a third, optional unloading party the day after we finish firing the kiln. We'll spend the day Friday glazing, (available hours from noon-8pm) wadding, and loading our pieces into the kiln, saturday firing from 6am until it's done (sometimes we finish at 5pm, sometimes we finish at 10pm), and the unloading of the kiln will happen at 3pm on sunday afternoon. You can sign up to join the firing for as much or as little you like on Saturday! Phi will make a hand-out with all the necessary info so you can learn about the whole process even if you only come to glaze and load on friday!


only eight spots available!


dates are: 6/14-6/16

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