2/12--4/2 Saturday Morning Pottery Class

2/12--4/2 Saturday Morning Pottery Class


This is an eight week pottery class taught by Katharine. We will meet Saturdays, 11-00-2:00PM. In this class we will work on wheelthrowing skills, expanding clay knowledge, and glazing. All skill levels welcome, humans aged 12+. For folks younger, please message me about private lessons. Masks and vaccinations required for class! Classes limited to 8 people!


All materials and tools will be provided. For students making ten items or less, no other fees will be charged. With the labor involved in producing the glazes and purchasing materials, we will be starting a charge for students who make more than ten items. It'll be $10 plus $1 per item over ten. This will help keep class costs down for all beginner students, who make less than the advanced potters.


$250-375 per person, sliding scale class price!


Please use these codes as necessary (honor system, only self-identified BIPOC may use the codes that start with BIPOC):

TWENTYFIVE for $25 off ($350 class)

FIFTYFIVE for $55 off ($295 class)

SEVENTYFIVE for $75 off ($275 class)

ONETWENTYFIVE for $125 off ($250 class)

BIPOCFIFTY for $250 off ($125 class)

BIPOCSCHOLAR for $375 off (free class)