9/9--11/4 Friday Morning Sculpture Class

9/9--11/4 Friday Morning Sculpture Class


Class runs once a week for eight weeks from 9am-11am.

No class on the week of 10/24--10/29


You will be learning all parts of the process: tool usage, set-up and clean-up, wedging, processing slip, extruding, forming shapes, coil building, trimming, decoration, and glazing. This is a sculpture specific class, so we will be making non-functional forms as a focus, however the skills that you will learn will be able to be translated across whatever shapes you want to make. There is no pressure to make a specific thing, but experimentation is highly encouraged. You will be responsible for keeping common areas and your station clean. There will be no makeup classes, so please schedule accordingly.


All materials included in the class fee. however, for folks making more than ten items, each additional glaze-fired piece will incur a $3 charge at the end of class to help pay for labor cost, firing space, and additional glaze costs.


$250-375 per person, sliding scale class price! No refunds.


Please use these codes as necessary (honor system, only self-identified BIPOC may use the codes that start with BIPOC):

TWENTYFIVE for $25 off ($350 class)

FIFTYFIVE for $55 off ($295 class)

SEVENTYFIVE for $75 off ($275 class)

ONETWENTYFIVE for $125 off ($250 class)

BIPOCFIFTY for $250 off ($125 class)

BIPOCSCHOLAR for $375 off (free class)